Rules and Regulations

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This is an overview of the Rules and Regulations. All Rules and regulations are enforced without exception.

There will be no storage of items on the patios such as weightlifting equipment, treadmills, bicycles, grills or storage boxes.

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and picked up after. There is a Florida Leash Law.

Vehicles must be parked head in. Do not back into parking space. Parking on the lawn at any time is prohibited. Please refrain from parking in other assigned spaces.

There are only two vehicles allowed per unit.

All visitors must come through the front gate with the guard, get a pass (Good for 24 hours) and keep the pass face up on the dashboard. Having your sticker or pass properly displayed will keep your vehicle from being towed.

When using the pool or tennis courts please make sure that the gate closes behind you. Not only does it keep non Village II residents out it is also a safety factor.

Please obey the pool rules such as no alcoholic beverages, food or rafts. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please remember that there are to be no signs or advertisements put in the window of your unit of vehicle.

Rules and Regulations

Palm Club Village II Condominium Association, Inc.

The following Rules and Regulations were approved by the Board of Directors on June 10th, 1991, with additions in October 2009, May 2011, June 2018, and April 2019. Strict enforcement of these rules and Regulations is required for the benefit of the entire community.


1. All units, common area and Association properties are for residential use only.

  • a. Studio Unit – No more than two (2) persons may reside in unit.
  • b. One Bedroom Unit – No more than three (3) persons may reside in unit.
  • c. Two Bedroom Unit (3 story building) – No more than four (4) persons may reside in unit
  • d. Two Bedroom Unit (2 story building) – No more than four (4) persons may reside in unit.
  • e. Two Bedroom Unit/Conv. Den Unit – No more than five (5) persons may reside in unit.

2. All governmental laws, ordinances and regulations governing the area will be observed. No immoral, improper or offensive actions will be tolerated. No activity interfering with the peaceful possession and proper use of condo property is permitted.

3. Alterations, additions or modifications to the interior of a unit require the prior written approval of the Association. Modification of the installation of electrical wiring or TV antennas will not be allowed, either inside or outside of a unit. No changed are allowed to the exterior of a unit without written permission from the Board of Directors.

4. Sidewalks, entrances, passages and stairways shall not be used for storage. They are only for going in or out of units. (I.E. No shoes, plants, boxes, carriages, bikes, etc.)

5. No owner, lease or guest shall create or permit any disturbance that will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of others.

6. No cooking shall be permitted, nor food or beverages be consumed outside a unit except in designated picnic areas. No cooking shall be permitted on patios or balconies.

7. No propane tanks or BBQ grills can be stored on patios or balconies.

8. No clothes or similar articles shall be hung on patios or balconies.

9. All personal property shall be placed inside the unit or the storage spaces provided for such purposes. Storage on patios and balconies is not permitted. (Patio furniture and plants only) No gym or exercise equipment is allowed on patios or balconies.

10. No sign, advertisement, notice or other lettering shall be placed on any unit that is visible from the outside of the unit. No commercial or business activity shall be conducted in any unit or Association properties. Unit owners actively engaged in soliciting business or nay solicitor of a commercial nature will not be allowed, without prior written approval from the Board of Directors.

11. Condominium building notice boards are for posting of official Association notices and information only, Owners and residents are not to post any flyers or documents on these notice boards.

12. All garbage and trash must be placed in plastic bags, then deposited in the trash receptacles that are provided. If garbage and trash are left on the ground the city will not unload the dumpster. Do not put furniture or anything else other than bagged trash into dumpsters. The city will not dispose of furniture or mattresses. Residents that place anything other than bagged trash into the dumpsters will be charged for the removal of the same. Please contact the office to make arrangements for the removal.

13. If you plan to be absent during the hurricane season, remove everything from your patio or balcony before leaving. Leave someone in charge of the unit should damage occur. Let the Association know who that individual is. If you have a BBQ grill in the common areas, remove it before you leave.

14. No hard ball playing with a bat shall be allowed in the common areas.

15. White or off-white blinds, patio slats, curtains or roll-down patio screens only. No bamboo or wood colored blinds or patio screens.

16. Blinds and patio slats/screens must be repaired or replaced if damaged or broke.

17. Maintenance assessments are due on the first day of each quarter: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.

Lake Areas

No boating or swimming is allowed in the lakes.


1. The State of Florida has a “Leash Law.” Please obey it.

2. One domestic pet or animal, not exceeding twenty-five (25lbs) pounds is allowed as long as it does not constitute a nuisance, as determined by the Board of Directors.

3. All pets shall be kept on a leash not to exceed six (6ft) feet while being walked. Owners are to pick up after their animals.

4. No animal shall be left unattended on a balcony or patio.

Parking and Towing of Vehicles

1. All Residents shall park their vehicle in their assigned spot.

2. Any vehicle that cannot operate under its own power shall not remain on the property for more than twenty-four hours. This includes flat tires

3. No repairs or maintenance may be made on property. Only the changing of flat tires, boosting of batteries and washing and waxing of vehicles is allowed.

4. No commercial vehicles, trucks or recreational vehicles shall be parked on the property.

5. No boats, boat trailers, campers or like vehicles shall be left or stored on property.

6. Bicycles shall be kept inside the unit or in the areas designated for bicycles.

7. Motorcycles or motor bikes are not permitted on property at any time.

8. Washing of vehicles shall only be done in the vicinity of the hose bib provided within each parking cluster. Please observe any water conservation measures.

9. No vehicle shall be parked on the grass or in any areas other than the designated assigned and guest spaces at any time.

10. Only two vehicles allowed per unit. Each unit has only one numbered parking space with the unit security number on it. These are for exclusive use of the unit resident only. Any units that have more than two vehicles are illegally parked and will be subject to towing.

11. Vehicles leaking oil and/or fluids must be repaired off property at once. The oil/fluids must be removed from the asphalt with proper absorption products so as to not ruin or damage the asphalt. Cat litter works well for this purpose.

12. Guest parking spots are simply that. They are not intended to be used for “long term” parking or storage of extra vehicles. No guest spot if you want your car in a different spot other than your assigned spot.

13. Do not park in someone else’s space. Numbers on decal and parking space must coincide with office records and will be checked.

  • a. Parking permitted in your assigned and guest spots only. Vehicles parked on grass, bike paths, in front of dumpsters, in the road etc. will be subject to towing.
  • b. No untagged or unregistered vehicles permitted at any time.
  • c. No expired tags are permitted.
  • d. No overnight parking of vehicles that have advertising on them. Any covering of the advertisement must be approved by the Board of Directors in writing. Unacceptable covering will cause the vehicle to be towed.

*All illegally parked vehicles and vehicles that are not in compliance will be towed at the owner’s expense and liability. It is the resident’s responsibility to advise his/her guests of proper parking procedures.

Rental of Units

1. All unit owners that plan to rent their units on their own or through a relator must contact the Association for guidelines and approval of leases.

2. A separate application must be completed and approved for each person on the lease except for husband and wife and children under the age of eighteen.

3. A one-hundred-dollar application fee and one-hundred-dollar parking decal/transponder fee must accompany each application. The amount of the screening fee is subject to change from time to time, by the Board of Directors.

4. All assessments must be current or rental approval will be denied.

5. Renewal leases must be submitted to the office thirty days prior to renewal for approval. Screening fees are not required for lease renewal.

6. Curing the term of the lease any new or additional roommates must be screened. Even if they are not on the lease

7. Owners must have their roommates screened.

Pool Rules

1. The association reserves the right to deny use of the pool to anyone for failure to obey the rules.

2. There is no lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk.

3. Pool hours are from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

4. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area.

5. No food in the pool area. Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacles.

6. No glass bottles or containers.

7. No diving, running or jumping into pool.

8. No boisterous conduct or loud music permitted in or around the pool.

9. No throwing of balls or objects in or around the pool.

10. No child under eighteen is permitted in the pool area or pool without adult Palm Club Village II resident supervision. There is a maximum of four children per adult resident.

11. Children who are not “potty trained” must wear rubber pants.

12. No large inflatable objects permitted at any time.

13. Do not hang anything on fences, including towels, clothes, suits, etc.

14. No animals will be permitted in the pool or pool area.

15. Persons with contagious or infectious health conditions must not use pool facilities.

16. There is no reserving of tables and chairs.

17. No fishing off the pool deck.

18. Guests must be accompanied by a resident with appropriate key.

19. All swimmers must shower each time before entering the pool. Shower is for rinsing only. Not for general cleaning or wit soap or shampoo.

20. Towels must be placed on chairs if using sun tan lotion or other oil products.

21. Proper swim attire required. Please, no thongs.


1. Shoes are required at all times.

2. Residents must dry off before entering. No dripping swim suits permitted

3. Pool key is required. You may enter the pool area through the outside pool gate entrance. You may not access the pool through the screen doors in the clubhouse at any time.

4. No parties allowed in the club house without specific written permission of the Board of Directors. Advanced notice is required.

5. No pool parties are allowed when renting the clubhouse.

Security Information

1. Guard House Phone Number: (561) 686-8163

2. Residents are not allowed to use the visitor’s lane to gain access to the community. Each resident’s vehicle has a transponder for this purpose.

3. All visitors will receive their own pass good for one day.

4. If a guest will be staying longer than three days, you must contact the office to obtain a proper pass.

5. All walkers, bikers, joggers and skaters must use the pedestrian paths and gates. Palm Club Village II will not be responsible for individuals who use the vehicle in and out lanes from Village Boulevard.

6. Any expired, lost or illegally obtained transponders will automatically be removed from the computer system and residents will have to report to the association office in order to gain admittance to the community.

7. Someone else’s car parked in your space? Leave a friendly note on the car asking the owner to correct the situation. Do not call the guard house. If this continues, take down the license plate number, make of the vehicle, sticker or pass number and location of the vehicle and report to the office.

8. If cars parked illegally (parked on grass, in front of hydrant or in the wrong spot) Record same information as indicated above and report to the office. A warning will be issued and the vehicle will be towed on second offense.

9. Positively no visitors or deliveries are allowed to enter or leave through the Village Blvd gate.

10. Expecting a visitor? A visitor is someone who is here for one to three days only and is required to obtain a daily visitor’s Pass at the guard house. After three days this person is no longer a visitor but a guest and must report to the association office.

11. Any and all damage to gates and/or barrier arms and equipment will be paid for by the individual(s) responsible for said damage.

12. Any changes in your resident statues and/or vehicle status must be reported to the office.

13. Two transponders per unit only.

Alarm Systems

Weather conditions sometimes cause fire alarms to sound when there is no fire. Please do not call the fire department if there is no fire and the alarm sounds. Call the association office at (561) 689-7171. If the property manager is not on duty at the time, there is an emergency line available on the office answering machine greeting.


The phone number for the guard house is (561) 686-8163. If someone is parking in your spot leave a note on the car and report the offense to the association office. If the owner of the vehicle still does not move it, the vehicle will be towed.


Dumpsters are for the bagged kitchen garbage. Do not put furniture, Christmas trees, old doors, bedding, construction debris, etc., in them. Please call the City of West Palm Beach at (561) 822-2075 between 7 am and 3 pm or contact your association office to arrange for the special pick up or large discarded items. Recycling bins are available near the dumpsters.

Fire Extinguishers

The City of West Palm Beach requires that all units have fire extinguishers inside. This is at the owner’s expense.


All dogs are to be kept on a leash. The person who is walking the dog must pick up the waste in a plastic bag, tie is closed and properly discard it. Dogs over 25 pounds are not allowed. No dogs may be left on a porch or balcony unattended. There are no exceptions. Compliance to these rules is crucial to resident comfort and safety.

Porches, Patios, and Balconies

No cooking shall be permitted on patios or balconies. No propane tanks or BBQ grills can be stored on patios or balconies.

No clothes or similar articles shall be hung on patios or balconies.

All personal property shall be placed inside the unit or the storage spaces provided for such purposes. Storage on patios and balconies is not permitted. (Patio furniture and plants only) No gym or exercise equipment of any kind is allowed on patios or balconies.

Tri-Palm Rules and Regulations

1. All vehicles entering the premises shall have either a window decal or guest pass in order to enter the facility. Non-conforming vehicles are subject to being towed at owner’s expense. Residents will be responsible for notifying the guard house of any driver changes.

2. The gate guard will take down the license plate number of all visitors’ vehicles as they enter the gate. The driver of all visitors’ vehicles must show photo identification to the gate guard. All visitors will be issued a guest pass which must be visible through the windshield.

3. Residents are not to use the visitors’ lane to enter and exit property. If your transponder is not working you must use the guest lane to enter and exit the property, you will be stopped by the guard and asked for identification.

4. These rules and regulations apply to everyone equally. There are no concessions made for anyone. Residents in violation of these rules will have their transponders deactivated.

5. Residents may not remove their transponders. If discovered that a nonresident is using a transponder it will be deactivated.

6. If any resident witnesses a rule violation, they should call or visit the guardhouse and ask for an incident report to be completed by the guard, so the Tri-Palm committee and appropriate association may take necessary action.

7. There are to be no visitors or deliveries through the rear gate. Moving in or out is not permitted on Sundays. No furniture deliveries are permitted after 8 pm.

8. All pedestrians, cyclists, joggers and skaters must use the pedestrian gates. The associations are not responsible for any injuries incurred by people not in vehicles using the vehicle gate.

9. Expired, lost or illegally obtained transponders will be deactivated.

10. The rear gate closes at 12 am and reopens at 6 am.

11. The resident entrance lane at the main gate closes at 12 am and all parties must use the visitor entrance lane until 6 am.

12. Any and all damage to the gate, barrier arms or equipment will be charged to the individual responsible for the damages. Owners are responsible for their tenants, visitors and guests.

13. The gate guards shall be treated with courtesy and respect as the endeavor to do their job to ensure the security of our property. Patience will be required while the guard writes down the license plate numbers of visitors and checks the identification of visitors and crosses to the exit lane to allow visitors out. Violations of the will be reported to the Tri-Palm Committee, who will report to the appropriate association to take action. Unit owners are responsible for the actions of their tenants, guests and visitors.